v1.5.0 (latest)

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Cypress 패키지

Baobab 패키지

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Cypress 패키지

Baobab 패키지

공통 패키지


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Release Notes for Klaytn v1.5.0

새로운 기능

  • 상태 마이그레이션 (https://github.com/klaytn/klaytn/pull/507)

    • 불필요하고 오래된 상태/스토리지 트리를 제거하여 Klaytn 노드(Cypress) 스토리지 용량을 75%(800 GB -> 200 GB) 절약하는 새로운 JSON-RPC API

      • admin.startStateMigration()

      • admin.stopStateMigration()

      • admin.stateMigrationStatus

    • Klaytn node currently requires about 1TB of storage space. This size of storage was a burdensome for efficient node operation, and the state migration came here to relieve this. The state migration removes the stale state/storage trie nodes which are unnecessary for new block generation and validation. Before starting a state migration, stakingInfo is saved in a database to get stakingInfo without the staled state after the state migration.

  • Warm-up trie node cache (https://github.com/klaytn/klaytn/pull/548)

    • New JSON-RPC APIs to speed up the block processing by iterating the latest state trie and caching it

      • debug.startWarmUp()

      • debug.stopWarmUp()

    • Until now, Klaytn node had to continuously access a database for processing a block due to uncached state trie nodes, which results in the delay in block processing. The introduced "warm-up" feature reduces this delay by iterating the last state trie and caching it.

  • Import blocks from String (https://github.com/klaytn/klaytn/pull/516)

    • Importing blocks was available only with a file. Importing blocks from a string is required for some use cases.

    • 새로운 JSON-RPC API가 추가되었습니다.

      • admin.importChainFromString()

  • Fastcache (https://github.com/klaytn/klaytn/pull/490)

    • Fastcache as trie node cache with the autoscaled cache size, reducing memory consumption compared to Bigcache